Inflatable Soccer Field

Want the ultimate experience from Perth Bubble Soccer?

Our inflatable soccer field measures 20x10m and includes netted goals creating a miniature stadium for your bubble soccer match!
Suitable for up to 12 kids sized bubbles or 8 adult bubbles.

Prices start from $150. Get in touch for more details

Soccer Darts

It's darts with a twist!
Can you hit the bullseye?

Kick velcro balls at the target and watch them stick!
Our inflatable soccer dart board stands 7m tall and is an awesome addition to a bubble soccer party or on its own.

Prices start from $150Get in touch for more details

Skill Shooter

How good is your Shot?

Challenge your mates to see who can get the highest score!
The goal measures 3m wide.

Prices start from: $100. Get in touch for more details.